Droog Design: Lighting & Products to Environmental Design Business Model

Droog Lighting Design

Droog has many facets to it’s company, some of which I have discussed further on in this blog post however, I am researching lighting at the moment and so the following images pay homage to the fabulous lighting designs created by Droog designers and collaborations. Enjoy!

Clothes hanger lamp for Droog by Hector Serrano. Image sourced from www.dezeen.com

85 Lamps for Droog by Rody Graumans. Image sourced from moderndesigninterior.com

Sticky lamp for Droog by Chris Kabel. Image sourced from www.dsgnwrld.com

Saving Grace pendant lights by Adrien Rovero for Droog. Image sourced from www.dezeen.com

Milk bottle lamp for Droog by Tejo Remy. Image sourced from blog.mr-uxn.com

Droog was co-founded and remains under the direction of curator and author Renny Ramakers. Working in collaboration with designers, clients and partners, Droog creates products, projects and events around the world. Droog has offices in Amsterdam and New York, a store in Amsterdam, and retail partners across the globe.

Droog works in close collaboration with an international network of over one hundred and fifty established and emerging designers, architects and artists on products and projects.

As described on Droog’s website, through Droog Lab , “we pioneer new design directions, tools and models that offer a unique perspective.” Droog achieves this through:

Collaboration – “We establish new collaborations between clients, designers, institutions and the public. Bringing together the technical and the creative, the old and the young, the professional and the non-professional, we pool diverse fields of knowledge and experience to pioneer new directions for design and business.”

Models – “We develop models for creating, producing and distributing design, for business strategies, and for consumer needs and ways of living. Our models pioneer new directions in design, business and consumer culture.”

Tools – “We develop tools for identity and public relations, bringing a unique perspective to business and its intersection with consumer culture. Whether it is branding or product development, our tools engage audiences in new ways and open up new markets.”

Spaces – “We create interiors, architecture and exhibitions that establish a new relationship between the brand and the public. Our spaces redefine luxury, explore the boundary between the design and non-design world, and engage users in new ways.”

Events – “We create design exhibitions, festivals and events around the world, establishing new relationships with the local community and creating new experiences inspired by the location. Our events emphasize interaction with the audience.”

UP – Sustainable Design
UP, initiated by Droog, is “an investigative economic model that aims to increase the value of dead stock through re-design.” Up is all about sustainability and acts as a clever alternative to recycling and disposal through a process of up-cycling, creative re-interpretation and re-design, in order to bring unused stock back into circulation. The principle is based on the fact that a product holds it’s highest value when it is first introduced to the market. Gradually the product depreciates in value, the longer it remains on the market and eventually it becomes dead stock – this is often disposed of, creating an additional cost, both financially and environmentally. It is at this point that Droog’s model of re-invention through design, and giving products new function or improved aesthetic instills value back into the product and places it back within the marketplace. UP was launched at the UP conference on November 3rd, 2011 along with the first collection of UP products, using re-invented stock from collaborating companies including Makro, van Gansewinkel, Vlisco and Mediq.

UP Business Model, by Droog

For more information about Droog design and their principles, there are a number of publications available to buy from their website.

For further information about Droog: A Touch of Green, Milan 2008, please also visit: http://inhabitat.com/milan-2008-droog-design-goes-green/#more-10066


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