Benjamin Hubert Studio

Shadow and light field booth installation at Euroluce, designed by Benjamin Hubert

Maritime Chair by Benjamin Hubert

Heavy Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Loom by Benjamin Hubert

Spinning by Benjamin Hubert

Pod by Benjamin Hubert

Coracle by Benjamin Hubert

I love the work of Industrial Product Designer Benjamin Hubert. Here are a few examples of his work, that I love the most, but please visit his website @ Benjamin Hubert Studio to see the full range of products and designs – simply stunning!

Hubert’s designs have an honesty to them, using simple, beautiful materials that are at the heart of his designs. The materials themselves and methods of industrial production inform the design process and the way in which they are manipulated, engineered or produced in new and often challenging ways. These beautiful objects are often inspired by the network of factories and workshops that manufacture his designs – they are integral part of the process from Inspiration through to production.

Benjamin Hubert was born in the UK in 1984 and studied Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University, graduating in 2006.

In 2007, he founded his London studio, specialising in industrial design in both the  furniture and lighting sectors. The studio covers a diverse range of projects from mass produced consumer products to limited editions. Benjamin Hubert has received international critical and media acclaim and has been exhibited internationally. The studio has also received a number of prestigious awards including: Design of the year (British Design awards 2010) Best Product (100% design/Blueprint awards 2009) Homes and Gardens Young Designer of the Year (Design Classic Awards 2010) EDIDA International Young Designer of the Year 2010 and the A+W Audi Mentorpreis 2012.


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