Goggle Desk by designer Danny Venlet

Goggle Desk designed by Danny Venlet for Babini Office

Goggle Desk by Designer Danny Venlet for Babini

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet, White gloss with yellow interior

Goggle Desk in black with purple interior

Providing you have the space, the Stunning Goggle Desk by designer Danny Venlet is quite a statement piece to adorn your office space. The desk is sleek, glossy, curvaceous and contemporary (if not bordering on futuristic). The Goggle Desk was designed with forward thinking managers and executives who are not afraid to stand up and be noticed. This is not a piece of furniture to be taken lightly, it’s impact and scale make this a real statement piece to dominate and wow in a room – for this piece to work in an interior scheme, the phrase ‘less is more’ springs to mind – keep it striking, simple and elegant! The desk is available in glossy lacquer  both inside and out or with glossy lacquer outside and matt inside – both finished with contrasting colours. There is also the option of a complimentary storage piece, with drawers, modesty panel and credenza doors in olive wood.

Although often described as a Dutch Designer, Danny Venlet was born in Victoria (Australia). He studied Interior Design at the Sint-Lucas Institute for Architecture and Visual Arts in Brussels. Back in Australia, working as an independent designer and interior architect, he achieved success and international acclaim, working on a number of  high-profile projects,  before going into partnership with with Neil Burley and Marc Newson (check out his funky Nimrod Chair in the same signature white and black lacquer design and bold, bright fabric cushions). In 1991 he eventually opened up his own studio, Venlet Interior Architecture.

His design projects range from private mansions, lofts, bars and restaurants all the way to showrooms and offices of large companies such as Timberland or Siemens. Venlet went on to receive recognition and awards, such as the Henri van de Velde Prijs in Belgium 2003. In the mid 90s, Venlet moved back to Belgium, and continues to work from his Brussels workshop on projects that span the globe.

The Goggle Desk is one of a range of stylish pieces of furniture for your office from Italian company Babini Office.

The Babini Group, initially created in the 60’s as a small laboratory for producing home furniture, established itself firmly in the furniture market in 1972. Babini, named after  Giancarlo Babini, it’s founder, has continued to expand over the years and since the 1980’s, has spanned four main areas:

BABINI OFFICE: for the production of furniture, partitions and seating for the office.
BABINI DESIGN: complementary products for house furnishing.
BABINI HOME: for the production of home furniture.
FINGROUP: financial services and consumer credit.

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