Innovative Office Furniture from Vitra

Office furniture sets designed by Vitra

Office furniture sets designed by Vitra

Office furniture sets designed by Vitra

'Citizen Office' furniture, Designed by Antonio Citterio, 2002

'Citizen Office' furniture, Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, 2006

These office furniture sets above were designed by Vitra in response to their in depth investigations into what constitutes a successful and efficient working environment. In 1991 Vitra invented the term and the concept of a “Citizen Office”. Exploring ‘global megatrends’ that have shaped the way we work today, the designers have explored several factors such as; digitalisation, globalisation, diversity, sustainability, knowledge economy and ‘war for talents’ – companies seeking to attract and sustain the best knowledge workers.

Through extensive research Vitra believes that rooms and their furniture significantly influence motivation, performance and health of the employees and therefore the productivity of the company as a whole. As explained on their website “A citizen office takes the needs of the company just as seriously as those of the individual employees – doctors who specialise in the psychology of architecture have proven that a connection exists between office design, wellbeing and employee performance: Feeling at ease makes people more motivated and productive.”

Jo Kaiser (manager for the North American branch) gave a statement which summarizes the idea of the project: “we believe you should use an office like you would a city”.

On it’s website, Vitra explains the function of their office spaces, “A Citizen Office encourages the occupants to work using a range of postures and to move within the office as much as possible. Working while standing or assuming various casual postures provides variety and relaxation while maintaining employee health. The Citizen’s Office takes us a step further than traditional ergonomics – physical activity is integrated with office etiquette in a natural manner. “


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