Skype’s beautifully designed Offices

Incredibly stylish Skype Reception area with beautifully designed chairs reminiscent of the retro Danish style of the 50's. Skype Office, Palo Alto by design house Blitz

Skype, the well known software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet, was founded in Luxembourg in 2003 by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and Dane Janus Friis. The company’s headquarters are in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, Prague, and Palo Alto.  In May 2011, Skype was acquired by software-giant Microsoft.

Skype have now also made a name for themselves in the design world, collaborating with design house Blitz to create their office in Palo Alto, California. They have also teamed up with Swedish firm PS Arkitectur to design their new Stockholm office.

Below are some images of the beautifully designed spaces in both Offices and how each design team interpreted the idea of creating beautiful yet functional workspaces.

Funky, bold and relaxed spaces with an injection of playfulness through wall decals, rugs and vibrant cushions. Skype Office, Palo Alto by design house Blitz

'Out of the box' thinking spaces and functional meeting room huts. Skype Office, Palo Alto by design house Blitz

Stylish, contemporary, open-plan dining for employees in the cafe area. Skype Office, Palo Alto by design house Blitz

Modern and striking work stations that are stylish, comfortable, and functional. Creates a serious yet casual approach to work. Skype Office, Palo Alto by design house Blitz.

Skype Office, Palo Alto. Designed by Blitz, San Francisco.

The interior is modern, comfortable and striking with its use of bold bright accent colours of pink, green and orange juxtaposed harmoniously with the traditional bright blue Skype screen pictures and infamous cloud bubble text of the skype logo. The Interior spaces combine warehouse ceilings, glass offices and free-standing pods, that in Blitz’s words, “provide a high level of acoustic privacy for Skype calls”. The spaces look inviting and fun whilst retaining the functionality of working spaces.

Design features include open spaces, stylish conference rooms and cafe area, faux patches of grass known as the ‘green glade’ and natural lighting to highlight the naturalistic environment and a series of mobile white boards that can be hung almost anywhere in case inspiration strikes.

Capturing the spirit of Skype and using the signature blue of the Skype logo. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

The concept explores an 'at one with nature' theme using images and colours from nature juxtaposed with bright purples, yellows or pinks, balanced with lots of white and natural light. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

Ultra modern, white space with soft, bright rounded chairs makes an inviting and comfortable space to relax. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

Striking purple and a funky bespoke wallpaper design breathes life and fun into this slick white workspace. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

The monochromatic palette and sharp geometric shapes are gently softened with curvy bubble furniture and hints of purple and orange. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

A bright warm space with a striking contrast between the heavy black table and the sunshine yellow chairs and warm wood flooring. Skype Office, Stockholm designed by PS Arkitectur

Skype Office, Stockholm, Sweden. Designed by Swedish firm PS Arkitectur 

In April 2011 Skype moved into a brand new office in the former Munchen Brewery, Stockholm, Sweden. The design concept evolved from their interpretation of the spirit of Skype and its role as a useful and playful tool that connects the world. The Interior scheme features white walls and wooden floors accented with bright, bold, colourful, rounded furniture, with custom-made wallpaper featuring Skype’s logo and symbols. The office comprises audio and video studios, offices and large, open social areas. The spaces look stimulating, inviting, comfortable and fun whilst remaining practical and functional. This is what the designer had to say:

“The in-between shapes of interconnected nodes has given us romboid and triangular shapes that is visible in the flooring and in the design of some of the hard furniture. The playful happy theme in colours and soft furniture comes from the Skype graphics and the Skype cloud logo is reinterpreted as cloud-shaped lighting throughout the office space. The Stockholm office predominately works with audio and video development and this is manifested in the special made wallpapers with cables, earphones and other devices linked to audio-video technique”.

More images of the Skype Workspaces can also be found on the Dezeen blog and from


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