Nikki Shaw – Thoughts on Design

Dining Room Design – Nikki Shaw

Welcome to my blog. My name is Nikki Shaw and I am currently studying a Foundation Degree in Interior Design after working for many years in the Creative Learning sector. This is a space to share my design loves and to try to gather some of my inspirations and ideas together to form a reflective design resource and a point of reference. I am new to blogging but my aim is to build up a portfolio of images and text about everything from Interior Designers, Architects, Furniture, Lighting through to Exhibitions and Events.

The information within my blog is researched from various sources and also includes some of my own work as I undertake my journey through my Foundation Degree in Interior Design. I also work on a variety of creative projects with a range of residential and education clients and I may also include some of this work at a later date.

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy compiling it. If you share my passion for Interiors, Architecture, Art and Design then please keep visiting my blog and see what has been added on my creative learning journey!



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